The Celebration of Christian Marriage is a life rite of Old North Church provided for members, families and, in special circumstances, friends of the congregation.  It is assumed that the ceremony will take place in the Sanctuary with the clergy of Old North Church presiding.  Visiting clergy may be invited to participate at the discretion of the clergy of Old North, however visiting clergy will not be considered the “clergy of record.”  Weddings off the church premises are rare, but can be arranged at the minister’s discretion.  Planning and performing a wedding requires a considerable investment of time by the clergy.

Old North Church recognizes the importance of the wedding ceremony to the couple being married, but believes that preparing a couple for marriage is ultimately more important.  To that end, couples are expected to meet with the officiating clergy for 3 to 6 hour-long pre-marital counseling sessions prior to the ceremony.

There is considerable flexibility in planning the ceremony itself, but it is assumed that couples planning to be married at Old North Church are comfortable with a religious ceremony.

For all weddings at Old North Church, it is assumed that the Church’s organist will be contracted to play for the ceremony.  Outside musicians may participate with the consent of the Old North Church organist.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the church office at 781-631-7238 or