Each week, teams from Old North Church go to Lifebridge in Salem to prepare dinner.

Old North Church has a long standing support base of volunteers who have been feeding people in need in Salem for many years.  We currently have 8 teams who rotate throughout the year to cover every Tuesday night dinner at Lifebridge.  The only way this can be sustainable is to have new members on our teams to fill the inevitable attrition that occurs over the years.  The commitment is reasonable…… ~2 hours, 6-7 times a year and the impact is significant.

We are interested in the following: (1) New people to join existing teams ,(2) New Teams (suggested team size is 6 or more people which allows for some attendance variation — 4-5 people per session is ideal), (3) People who would like to be on a “substitute” list for current teams to draw on as needed. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Cathi Lyons:  781-631-7987 or email:  lyonsmhead@hotmail.com




Lifebridge works to offer men and women the opportunities they need to end their homelessness.

Research shows that two factors are responsible for this problem: a lack of affordable housing and the persistence of poverty in our community.

Lifebridge believes that the way to solve this crisis one person at a time is to provide housing with supportive services, to encourage personal and income development, and stability in physical and mental health.

To achieve their ambitious goals, they deliver a suite of essential services on our campus.