Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (PPRC) left to right: Lynda Hare, Susan Anselmo Stone, Holly Jannell, Rob Gorman.

The Leadership Board recently reconstituted our Pastor-Parish Relations Committee.  The primary function of the PPRC is to support and maintain an open relationship between the congregation and the ordained, settled clergy of Old North Church. The committee’s focus is not so much on the “work” of the church as on the “workings” of it.  They are charged with maintaining a healthy and productive relationship between congregants and the clergy which will enable the tasks of ministry to be carried out faithfully and joyfully, with a maximum level of satisfaction and understanding, and a minimum level of friction and stress. As such, their role is to listen objectively to the hopes, dreams, and concerns of the congregation AND the clergy with the goal of facilitating open, honest communication in both directions. Our thanks to Lynda, Susan, Holly and Rob for agreeing to serve. If you would like to contact any member of the committee, their contact information is:
Rob Gorman: 617-538-4948
Holly Jannell: 781-631-2550
Lynda Hare: 781-631-2550
Susan Anselmo Stone: