Old North Church in Marblehead, Massachusetts (www.onchurch.org) is accepting applications for a part-time Bell Choir Director who will translate a passion for church music and bell ringing into this exciting opportunity to expand and strengthen the adult Bell Choir.  Old North Church is an inclusive, Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ, first gathered in 1635.

Job Description:

The Bell Choir Director at Old North Church is a part-time position, highlighted by the following responsibilities: selecting music, rehearsing, and directing the Bell Choir for one (1) 10am Worship Service per month for nine (9) months of the year; maintaining the Bell Choir Music Library; and safeguarding the proper storage of bells and related equipment (tables, stands, gloves, etc.).  Hours are flexible but the following time commitments are compulsory:

  • Weekly Bell Choir rehearsals (Tuesday evenings, 7pm to 8pm, September through May)
  • Participation in 10am Sunday Worship Service once per month (September through May)

Requirements of this position:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills in order to: cultivate new bell ringers; work effectively with minsters, staff colleagues, members of the lay ministry, and church members; motivate current Bell Choir participants; and perfect Bell Choir ensemble performance
  • Solid leadership and resourcefulness
  • Computer or access to a computer, and printer or access to a printer
  • Understanding of music theory and hand-bell techniques required to teach and perform hand-bell music
  • Comfort with principles of training, teaching, and instruction for hand-bell players


  • BS/BA (Music Education or Performance) degree or equivalent
  • Demonstrated experience in music related field

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Approximately 5 hours of work per week (20 hours per month) for 9 months of the year (September – May), inclusive of Tuesday evening rehearsals and one Sunday per month
  • Arrange for substitute bell ringers when required
  • Plans and directs weekly Tuesday evening rehearsals (September to May)
  • Plans and directs monthly warm-up rehearsal on Sunday morning at 9am, followed by the 10am Worship Service (September to May)
  • Selects music appropriate for monthly Sunday service according to the liturgy of the Service, the liturgical season, comfort and capability of the Bell Choir, and all in conjunction with the Minister of Music
  • Responsible for teaching and challenging the Bell Choir with new and fresh material as well as preserving traditional church music
  • Mentor and develop the musical growth of hand-bell ringers
  • Recruit adult members (ages 18+) for the Bell Choir
  • Oversee maintenance of hand-bells and equipment
  • Maintain library of hand-bell music
  • Administer hand-bell funds to purchase music, equipment, and repairs in communication with Minister of Music and the Music Committee
  • Attend an occasional Music Committee and/or Staff meeting as needed

Other Expectations:

The Bell Choir Director is expected to organize music and direct the Bell Choir at some, but not all, of the following special [annual] Services as part of the regular church calendar:

  • Old North Bell Sunday (in December)
  • Easter Sunday (2 Services)
  • Old North Festival Chorus Concerts (typically the first Saturday and Sunday nights in December, with extra rehearsals preceding concert week)


  • Commensurate with experience
  • This position is defined as a “part-time salaried position” (a W-2 form will be issued); there is no paid vacation or other benefits

To Apply:

  • Please send Cover Letter and Resume to Maria van Kalken, Minister of Music

Old North Church (vankalken@gmail.com)

Special Note(s):  

As the Old North Church in Marblehead, Massachusetts, is also currently accepting applications for a part-time Youth Choir Director, qualified applicants may choose to combine and apply for both positions.