The sea as seen from Salem Willows by Dee Burgett

This Glimpse of Grace was shared by Dee and Annie Burgett.  Annie wrote the sonnet as a gift for Dee’s birthday.  The drawing is done by Dee.
The Sea
Salt breezes blow o’er water blue and gold.
It folds and dips and sways as if a hand
past the horizon grasped its edge and rolled
it out, creating shining swells so grand.
The sea’s vast canvas stretches smooth and still
As colors melt and seep from sinking sun
And spill upon clear waters, painting till
they overflow with peach and orange runs.
The ocean watches sun turn into star.
Its silken beauty shimmers in the night,
The waves an inky, silken skirt spread far,
It dances ‘neath the pearly moon’s soft light.
The ocean’s heart beats in and out of time,
It breaks and billows, a body sublime.
By Annie Burgett