Lent can be a time of deep reflection and connection to the Holy within, and with each other.  At Old North, we will continue our practice of gathering for a simple meal and conversation on the Wednesdays of Lent, at 6:15 in the Great Room at Stacey Street.  This year our theme is based on our mission to connect with one another by “Telling Our Stories.”   Each week we will explore a common theme in our journeys of life and spirit. Come prepared to listen and/or to share.   We will finish in time for Festival Chorus rehearsal.  See our meeting dates and themes, below. Please, join us!  
 March 15:  Formation:  As a child or youth, what were the events that you look back to that helped shape you?  Is there a particular experience with a person or a group of people?  What were your big questions? What was your experience of God? Jesus? Church? 
 March 22:  Connection:   Who and what played a role in your calling and passions? Your chosen profession(s)?   What world events made a lasting impact on you?  Books? Bands? Artists? Musicians? How did your faith and spirituality play a part (if it did)?   
 March 29:  Pilgrimage:  Dennis Calhoun will share the story of his recent pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine, complete with a slide show.  
 April 5: Life Lessons:  We will take time to reflect on the biggest life learnings that we have received (maybe by accident? by colossal mistakes? humorous event? divine intervention) and what wisdom we might want to pass on to our children, grandchildren, friends, and the world.