The Real Program of Lynn and Old North Church Children’s Day event was Saturday, April 8. Saturday’s event with our friends from the REAL Program of Lynn, was a wonderful success! Curious Creatures brought snakes, a skunk, an alligator, a chinchilla, and many other exotic critters which brought smiles, giggles, oohs and ahhhs.


Time for pizza, dancing, coloring together and sharing followed. A few children were delighted to share with me that they were able to sneak up to the sanctuary to hear their friends who volunteer in their program during the week. What a thrill it was for them to see and hear these special people singing; Judy Conn0r, Dara VanRemoortel and Linda Duvel you have certainly made a difference! Thank you to the Children’s Church Committee and the children of Old North Church for hosting this very special day! One of the little girls summed it up beautifully, “This is like coming to your house, and this is Gods house…I am happy” ~Rikalya