Just over two years ago, thanks to the kindness of many of you in offering to help, we set up the Caring Ministry.  The purpose of the Ministry was to offer help to senior members of Old North who found themselves in a situation where their own family or friends were unavailable to assist them.   We received a good number of requests which we were delighted to honour.   The request flow seems to have dried out, however, so we are here to relaunch the Ministry. To all members of our wonderful ONC community, young and not so young, please reach out to us should you find yourself needing some urgent help.  Ways in which our team could assist you might include doctor visits, dog walks, company whilst home bound, shopping etc etc.  Our team is all CORI cleared and ready to help you get through a crisis.  Please contact either Linda Duvel (781 631 1703) or Lynda Hare (781 639 0107) for further information.